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Dean Taylor

Welcome to the official Dean Taylor and ADZ website. Here you will find information about Dean's amazing career to date and how the ADZ team of hand picked business and marketing experts can use humour to increase sales, staff morale, staff awareness and corporate productivity.

Dean Taylor is a remarkable performer and Shakespeare trained actor. He has created his own hilarious characters and is well known for his 'many faces' tribute brands such as Ali G, Ozzy Osbourne, Austin Powers, Kevin and Perry, all the Harry Enfield and all the Little Britain personalities!

Dean in collaboration with Andronicos 'Zed', the internationally respected marketing/ITC guru, ghost humour writer and author have joined forces with a number of associates to create Aardvark, Dean and Zed (ADZ). Their client lists are amazing!

Dean Andronicos

Click the buttons on the left to see how Dean and ADZ can help your organisation. The services range from a one day consultancy project to a turnkey webcast, film production or party event in front of hundreds of people. Always remember: ADZ exists to provide organisations with something quite unique: the use of humour for the corporate world by people who can talk your language, the language of sales, marketing, PR, HR, ITC ('computers'), training, lecturing, speech writing, business management and commerce.

Oh, and in case you are wondering what on earth Andronicos' satirical lyrics to the well known 'What a wonderful world' song now playing has got to do with what you are reading now, it should be publicly stated that success has not gone to our heads. For the record, ADZ is an environmentally friendly company. Most of our cars (with the exception of the Hummers and the Lamborghini) run on recycled cooking oil; we use newspapers in the executive toilets and our humour consultants are instructed not to shower on a daily basis, but to bathe with Yak's milk every Thursday instead, to save on water.

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ADZ is the main (un)official sponsor of the 2008 Beijing and 2012 London Olympic Games. Her Majesty the Queen of Britain and Ken Livingstone Mayor of London are joint Patrons of ADZ. (Actually, our lawyers in Chicago, Paris, Rome and Chalfont St Peter are awaiting formal written confirmation. In the unlikely event this is declined, we'll honour one of the Queen's cute corgis instead.)

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